“Stay curious, my friends!” is my new favorite slogan, what I envision the “most-interesting-man-in-the-world” saying if he wasn’t selling beer. I sure love those Dos Equis’ ads, even though I am not a big beer drinker. Perhaps it is because I secretly want to be the “most-interesting-woman-in-the-world.” Or maybe it is because when I hear the latest version of these ads, I literally laugh out loud –- even though I am alone in my car. Dos Equis’ ad agency deserves an award for their creativity; and I appreciate that they are putting a magnifier on curiosity!

Curiosity is free! Curiosity is a mindset! And curiosity is the antidote to the unrelenting uncertainty that has become the norm in business today. Curiosity increases our ability to be empathetic in a variety of situations and open to others’ ideas. Think of being a stranger in a foreign country. Our ability to flex, adapt, and see things differently in a foreign country is analogous to dealing with uncertain times in this new strange world of business.

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