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Leader as Designer

Learn how to utilize Design Thinking in your role as a leader.  This essay, Leader as Designer, by Mariposa Leadership CEO Sue Bethanis, opens up Design Thinking to different applications and audiences that goes beyond product development. She offers a clear 4 step process to easily move from idea-to-innovation. The results: successful services,  new experiences, and novel solutions to old problems.




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12/19 Wise Talk audio snippets on Networked Leadership with MJ Petroni

creatives introverts and networked leadership

Last week’s Wise Talk was an interesting conversation that developed ideas around networked leadership as it contrasts the traditional hierarchical model.

Check out these audio snippets where guest MJ Petroni expands on his article A Field Guide to Creating Cultures of Innovation.

In this first snippet, MJ talks about his extensive field of study, Cyborg Anthropology, and how it relates to emerging organizational structures:

Listen to MJ’s definition of networked structures:

In this last audio snip, MJ talks about the necessity of creating a space for introverts in the networked leadership model. This is where executive coaching comes in:

Click here to access Mariposa Leadership’s Wise Talk archives, and click on “Hierarchy to Networked Organizations” for the full audio of this session.

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What is the future of organizational leadership? Join the experiment.

hierarchies have got to go

Organizational practices are changing – an always evolving business environment and constant innovation have become the new norm.

Communication between people is changing – we are acknowledging the necessary balance between choice and overload from the non-stop flow of information coming toward us.

The way people relate within organizations is changing – linear thinking is out and interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged; more often becoming required to stay ahead of the curve.

So, what’s next?
As these different facets work with these changes, organizational structures must be called into question. We are presented with an opportunity to transition from hierarchy into a networked leadership model. As we welcome the advantages of collaboration and social technologies, we focus on the attributes needed to deliver results across organizational boundaries. Theories become facts as we discover ourselves in the future of leadership development and business management practices that really work.

In A Field Guide to Creating Cultures of Innovation by, we are given a web of concepts and tools so that we may better embrace this new norm of leadership and productivity.

We are provided with concepts, practices, videos, examples, and even a handy glossary to help us navigate the new ideas being presented and inspire collaboration.

This is a leadership experiment in the making and we hope you will join us for our next Wise Talk on Tuesday, December 18th from 2-3pm pacific time as Mariposa Leadership CEO, Sue Bethanis discusses the transition from hierarchy to networked organizational structures with innovation team consultant, cyborg anthropologist, and founder of, MJ Petroni.

Topics for the interactive discussion will include:
• How do you define this new normal of networked structures?
• How can creative thinkers, be they introverted or extroverted, leaders or technicians, be supported in this new model?
• How can structural and cultural components you and your clients put in place create more innovative and effective organization?
• What practical first steps will make a more creative, hospitable workplace?

Click here to learn more, sign up to join the conversation, and submit your own questions and ideas!