December 5, 2018 /

AI, Ethics, and Society

Sue Bethanis hosts Dr. Jacob (Jake) Metcalf, a consultant and scholar specializing in data and technology ethics. His consulting firm, Ethical Resolve, LLC, provides clients with a complete range of ethics services, including training programs, establishing internal and external ethics committees, market-driven research and refining corporate messaging. Their goal is to ensure clients can make well-informed, consistent, actionable and timely business decisions that reflect their values. He is also a Researcher at the Data & Society Research Institute, where he is a co-PI on the NSF-funded PERVADE Project.

Jake is dedicated to helping people understand how seemingly small decisions about data technologies can have significant and disparate consequences in society. His academic background is in applied ethics, particularly in science and technology, and his scholarship in data ethics is recognized as influencing this nascent field, particularly around issues of research ethics policy and practice in academia and business.

Jake and Sue discuss:

  • Why data responsibility is a competitive advantage
  • How to develop your capacity for ethics
  • How to assess and implement data ethics