28 November 2016 /

Defining Your Edge of Disruption

Guest Speaker Julie Williamson

Sue hosts Julie Williamson, Chief Growth Enabler for Karrikins Group. Julie and Sue discuss her newest book co-authored with Peter Sheahan, Matter: Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value, and Become the Obvious Choice, and how to:

  • Identify your most valuable edge of disruption
  • Become the disruptor not the disrupted
  • Initiate change within an organization
  • Become a thought leader in your marketplace and influence more senior buyers

About Julie Williamson:

Julie Williamson, PhD, Chief Growth Enabler of Karrikins Group, responsible for strategy and research. She is a leading voice in how organizations create sustainable growth by linking communication, design, strategy, sales, marketing, and service. Julie is a grounded theory researcher, and she uses traditional and progressive resources in her strategy and transformation work. She focuses on helping clients arrive at solutions that are informed by data and inspired by creativity. Julie has a passion for working with clients on customer and employee engagement, as well as building strategies focused on growth. Her work with Peter Sheahan on the business book Matter: Create More Value, Move Beyond the Competition, and Become the Obvious Choice, highlights Julie’s commitment to working with clients to find and deliver on opportunities for growth and development.

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