22 September 2016 /

Embracing Disruption for a Competitive Advantage

Guest Speaker Cat Lee

Sue Bethanis hosts Cat Lee, Head of Partner Marketing at Pinterest. Known as one of the most innovative platforms in the world, Pinterest has revolutionized how people discover products and content, and how customers engage with businesses. Cat provides an insider’s view on how Pinterest has become an extremely disruptive social media powerhouse while building 100 million users.

Cat and Sue discuss:

  • Pinterest’s innovative vision for future growth through visual search
  • Strategies and processes to understand, anticipate, and lead market disruption
  • How Pinterest is eliminating traditional barriers for business participation
  • How Pinterest partners with retail companies


About Cat Lee:

Cat leads the Global Partner Marketing team at Pinterest. Her team is responsible for developing the solutions that deliver value to businesses on Pinterest and includes product marketing, education, marketing solutions, industry relations, creative and brand strategy. Prior to taking on this role she was Head of Growth, leading product strategy to drive user growth for Pinterest across acquisition, activation, engagement and virality teams. Before joining Pinterest in 2012, she was on the Facebook Platform team and led Developer Tools & Experience.

Follow her on Twitter: @catleecatlee

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