22 June 2016 /

Personal Disruption

Guest Speaker Whitney Johnson

Sue Bethanis hosts Whitney Johnson, Co-founder with Clayton Christensen of Rose Park Advisors and the author of Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work. Fortune Magazine named her one of the 55 most influential women on Twitter. With her strong investment background as co-founder of two early stage venture firms, award–winning equity analyst Whitney Johnson provides a fresh perspective on innovation and change. Whitney talks with Sue about how you can put the power of disruptive innovation to work.

Whitney and Sue discuss:

  • Why the S-curve mental model makes a compelling case for personal disruption
  • Why your ability to persuade is tied to your willingness to confront fear
  • How your constraints can become a tool of creation
  • How you can put failure in its place
  • Why dreaming is at the heart of disruption

Follow her on Twitter: @johnsonwhitney

For more info visit: whitneyjohnson.com

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