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Motivate audience members and offer practical learning

Susan J. Bethanis’ keynotes and seminars are interesting, inspiring and refreshing. Audiences appreciate her humor, authenticity and the practical take-aways they get.

The following topics, customized for each audience, include lively Q&A and a book signing. The most popular formats are 45-minute keynotes and 3-hour seminars.

  • Influence & Impact in the NEW NORMAL – Hone your ability to influence! Influencing is a critical skill leaders need for success and is the most requested topic we work on with leaders. And now in the New Normal, engaging people (through empathy) is key to cutting through complexity to both rethink priorities and to successfully go from idea-to-innovation.
  • Breakthrough: Using Design Thinking to Solve Wicked Problems – Design Thinking, popularized by Ideo and Stanford Design School, typically is applied to making great PRODUCTS.  We can also apply the tenets of DT (Empathy, Brainstorm, Prototype, Implement) to designing SERVICES and EXPERIENCES for customers and employees. In her workshops and keynotes, participants use a unique hands-on rapid-prototyping approach to their designs. Audiences learn a unique approach to generate fresh ideas and a new perspective on thorny business problems.
  • Managing Change Amid Uncertainty – Successful executives and managers typically are results-oriented and get things done, but often they are stressed out and overwhelmed. Bethanis addresses three optimal ways to create more ease amid constant change and uncertainty: 1) understanding the relationship between the brain and stress, 2) becoming more T-shaped (combining horizontal and vertical thinking), and 3) engaging employees in dramatically different ways.
  • Got a Moment? That’s Enough Time to Offer Feedback or Solve a Problem – Many leaders don’t think they have time to coach their employees.  However, the most effective and wise leaders leverage bits of time throughout their day and give feedback to their team anytime, anywhere—whether it’s between meetings, on the phone, or even in the parking lot— to help their direct reports solve problems quickly. The In-The-Moment (ITM) coaching approach lets busy executives and managers solve problems on the fly.
  • Retaining Talent:  Don’t Lose Your Best Employees – People in the Bay Area have lots of ability to jump from one company to the next. Wise leaders should put more attention on keeping their top talent.  Sue addresses the telltale signs that your best people may be out the door, and shares tips to do something about it.

Susan J. Bethanis, Ed.D., is the Founder and CEO of Mariposa. She works with senior executives on a regular basis, is the author of the well-received business book Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage, and hosts Mariposa’s monthly leadership forum WiseTalk.

Sue is known for designing experiences, services, and products that move people and “raise their game.” She regularly applies insights from design thinking, linguistics, anthropology, and athletics to her roles as manager of the Mariposa team and as a sounding board to her clients.

Sue also speaks regularly at industry conferences and meetings, like Silicon Valley Compensation Association, Stanford Business School, Commonwealth Club, Adaptive Path, Product Development and Management Association, Products Are Hard, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, NorCal Business Marketing Association, International Coaches Federation, Professional Mentors and Coaches Association, South Bay Organization Development Network, American Society of Training and Development, and Northern California Human Resources Association. She has also delivered countless seminars and speeches at a variety of high tech companies, such as Cisco Systems, eBay, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Intuit, LinkedIn, Lockheed Martin, Oracle, Plantronics, Siebel Systems, VMWare, Yahoo!, and Zynga. She is a sought-after radio guest and has appeared on NPR, The Coaching Show, American Airlines Business Radio and

Sue holds a Doctorate in Education, with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership, from University of San Francisco; a M.A. in Education, with an emphasis in Curriculum Design, from Stanford University, and a B.A. in Psychology from Occidental College. She has taught and coached for 32 years in academic, athletic, and corporate settings. She also holds a certificate from the Stanford University Design School.  Contact her at Twitter: @suebethanis


  • Inspire employees with a compelling event.
  • Provide actionable advice your audience can use right away.
  • Present the same information to an entire group, so everyone gets the same message and can reinforce it with one another.


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