Great leaders help others come up with their own solutions to problems through strategic questioning and listening techniques.  This is the hallmark of In-The-Moment (ITM) Coaching, and the best tool leaders can use for leadership team development.

The final step of ITM Coaching is Reframe, and learning how to reframe in a coaching conversation is a mutually beneficial process. Here are two cool ways reframing develops your direct report – and you as a coach:

  • Reframing both empowers your direct report and establishes accountability.  In Assess, you arrived at an understanding of the most important problem that needs to be solved right away.  Now, the questions you ask will help your direct report arrive at his/her own plan of action.  In doing so, you empower him/her to take the steps necessary while gaining his/her commitment to specific actions.
  • To successfully reframe, leaders need to be self-aware.  Are you present or distracted?  Do you understand the problem to be solved or are you pushing the conversation towards a solution too quickly?  In the role of coach – and in other roles leaders play – understanding the drivers of your own behavior helps to prevent derailing the conversation.  Self-awareness is an essential leadership skill.

The goal of ITM Coaching is to help others generate solutions for their own issues and Reframe is the step where the rubber meets the road.  For tips to help you master Reframe and other how-to’s on ITM Coaching, download the free Executive Guide to In-The-Moment Coaching.