Leading Through ITM (In-The-Moment) Coaching

Learn ITM Coaching™ to get the best from your team! Learn this proven coaching method that allows you to effectively coach anytime, anywhere.  ITM Coaching™ is a way to capitalize on typical day-to-day conversations in fast-paced organizations to help your team solve tough problems and to establish a culture of high performance and constant learning.


Learn with experts and come away from an ITM Coaching™ workshop:

  • Knowing the 3-step ITM Coaching™ model – Rapport, Assess, Reframe. It’s easy to learn, remember and use.
  • Able to determine when to coach versus telling, directing, or giving answers.
  • Ready to leverage daily conversations to create learning opportunities and provide timely and relevant feedback.
  • More confident in your coaching skills after practicing the 3-step coaching model with real situations.

On-Site Workshops

A custom ITM CoachingTM  workshop can be held at your site, typically over 1-2 days. Several of our coaches can facilitate this dynamic workshop for you. Contact Tawny Lees at tawny@mariposaleadership.com for more information.

Questions? Contact us today and we will respond to you within one business day.

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