Leadership Coaching

Executives and emerging leaders

Enhance leadership skills and gain new insights

Individual executive leadership coaching provides personal learning, support and advice. Our four-step process ensures your time is spent effectively:

  1. Match—We select the right coach for you based on needs, experience, style, and pace.
  2. Assess—We define and document clear leadership development.
  3. Coach—We meet with you once a week for six months for one hour of confidential, compelling, and action-oriented conversations. Every conversation ends with relevant leadership strategies, tools, skills, and practices for you to apply to your current issues.
  4. Evaluate—We collaborate with you to create progress reports describing your successes and next steps.

Take your performance to the next level with executive leadership coaching:

  • Maximize time and stay focused with a series of “quick hit” executive leadership coaching sessions.
  • Sharpen existing leadership skills and develop new ones.
  • Get new strategies for becoming more productive and innovative.
  • See immediate results by practicing your new skills on current issues.
  • Address long-range strategic issues related to your business and your career.

Leadership Coaching (SLC)

Multiple executives and leaders

High impact development for multiple leaders simultaneously yet individually. Leverage this model to scale people and skills more effectively and efficiently. Amplify impact by engaging 6-20 leaders in one-on-one coaching, and optional group learning, concurrently.

A customized approach combines the power of in-depth feedback, 1-1 coaching and optional group learning.

Our well-honed programmatic coaching approach ensures participants’ and sponsors’ time is spent effectively:

  1. Design—We work with you to design the program, from participant selection to content to progress evaluation.
  2. Match—We select the right coach for each participant based on needs, experience, style, and pace.
  3. Assess—We provide a 360O Feedback Interview process, along with self-assessment tools, and align with manager/HR to define clear coaching objectives and support for each participant.
  4. Coach—Weekly touchpoints enable progress. Whether in a 1-1 with the executive coach, a peer or in a group – confidential, compelling, and action-oriented conversations include relevant leadership strategies, tools, and practices to apply to current issues while developing long-term skills.
  5. Evaluate—Surveys and check-ins keep a pulse on personal and program progress.
  6. Overall Program Management and Support—Mariposa’s COO or CEO works with the internal program owner/sponsor from start to finish to ensure overall program success.


  • Improved leadership skills such as coaching, delegating, giving feedback, influencing, strategic thinking, inspiring/driving innovation, creating/maintaining positive culture.
  • Improved team alignment, collaboration and shared accountability.
  • Address long-range strategic issues related to business impact, organizational change, culture and scaling.
  • Improved personal productivity, engagement and sense of purpose.
  • Immediate results via applying new skills and mindsets to current issues.
  • The programmatic approach with multiple concurrent leaders being coached amplifies impact across the business in a highly efficient and visible way.