Accelerated Leadership Coaching (ALC) for Groups

Teams, groups of high-potential leaders (8-15 participants)

Find a scalable, economical way to provide coaching to hi-potentials

Mariposa coaches support you in your demanding business environment by facilitating a program which includes group coaching and 1-1 leadership coaching sessions for a cohort of 8-15. This leadership development program is delivered over 16 weeks and includes:

  • Skill Building: Three half day sessions
  • Personalized Learning: Six 1-1 leadership coaching sessions
  • Peer Coaching: Three sessions for sustained learning and ongoing support

Leadership team coaching brings the benefits of individual coaching to a group to:

  • Improve accountability—Weekly sessions reinforce learning and behavioral change. Group members hold one another accountable by practicing their skills outside of the sessions.
  • Build internal capacity—After the program ends, participants can provide peer coaching within your organization.
  • Increase efficiency—Improve employee performance onsite and avoid losing key staff to multi-day training events.
  • Create consistency—All group members learn the same skills and develop common language and tools.
  • Personalize improvement—Participants learn as a group and integrate the lessons on an individual level.
  • Reinforce learning—Group members apply the skills they learn each week to current issues.
  • See measurable results—We track successes over time, so your organization can see the return on its investment.