Small groups, teams

Build specific skills and creatively solve business issues together

Our workshops cover current and compelling needs of organizational leaders and Human Resources professionals.

Team development workshops allow attendees to:

  • Boost creativity
  • Solve problems
  • Refine specific skills
  • Work better as a team


Energize Your Leadership Skills:

  • Leading a High Performance Team
     Learn the basics of what it takes to lead a high performance team.
  • ITM (In-The-Moment) Coaching
    Whether you are a first-time or seasoned leader, HR professional or consultant/coach, effective coaching skills are essential to your success with your team or clients.
  • Influence + Impact in the NEW NORMAL
    Hone your ability to influence! Influencing is a critical skill leaders need for success and is the most requested topic we work on with leaders. And now in the New Normal, engaging people (through empathy) is key to cutting through complexity to both rethink priorities and to successfully go from idea-to-innovation.

Energize Your Leadership Team:

  • StrengthsFinder: Leveraging Your Team’s Strengths
    For teams who want to fully understand and leverage the strengths of each individual and the collective team to boost effectiveness, creativity, collaboration, confidence and satisfaction.
  • Strategy Offsites: Go Beyond Planning & See the Future Differently
    For teams wanting expert facilitation for strategy offsites as stand-alones or coupled with other skill-based workshops. We co-design offsites integrating business content with leadership topics and team vision/planning work. Our approach not only produces a plan or vision, but also equip leaders with fresh, creative, strategic thinking skills.

Energize Your Leadership Creativity:

  • Breakthrough! Using Design Thinking for Teams
    For teams searching for a way to bring fresh ideas to a difficult issue, this hands-on workshop will produce 100-200 ideas and identify the ones with the most potential for real breakthrough.
  • Breakthrough! Using Design Thinking for HR & Talent Management
    For leaders in HR and Talent Management who want to master an innovation method that brings fresh ideas to difficult issues. Utilizing the Breakthrough! model – based on the principles of Design Thinking – this hands-on, one-day workshop will help you produce a myriad of ideas and give you an opportunity to prototype for real breakthrough.

Offsites / Group Facilitation

Teams, groups

Expert facilitation and tools to help teams think big and solve sticky business issues

An experienced, neutral facilitator designs and guides your team meeting or offsite. Our facilitators use a four-step process to ensure a successful outcome:

  1. Assessment—We first meet with your key leaders to understand the goals for the meeting and current team dynamics.
  2. Design—We design your offsite meeting to support your leadership development and business goals. We often combine our Five-for-the-Future methodology (including five-year scenario planning and two-year vision/strategy planning) with leadership skill development to achieve group accountability and sustainable results.
  3. Delivery–Our skilled facilitators ensure all meeting objectives are met and that leadership team development and learning occurs in the process.
  4. Follow Up—We ensure all action items are met and you are completely satisfied.

A neutral facilitator guides your meeting to:

  • Generate collaboration within your team.
  • Secure group consensus on important issues, objectives, and plans.
  • Develop actionable outcomes and identify responsibilities.
  • Obtain agreement on the needed evaluation metrics and methods.