April 12, 2013 / Blog / Strategy

Strategic Narrative and Telling Stories


I am often asked if there is a difference between “narrative” and “story”  when it comes to strategy and organization.  While these words are used interchangable they aren’t the same. Story conveys insight.  Narrative creates a world.  Read more.

About the Author:

Dave Ancel, Ed.D., is co-founder at Emergent Solutions, Inc. (ESODL) and a Strategic Partner with Mariposa Leadership, Inc. For more articles by Dave, visit the ESODL Blog.

November 1, 2009 / HR / Talent Management / Mariposa Articles

Leading in Green: Insights from Executives in the Solar Industry

Effective leadership, a strong strategic focus, and the nimbleness to engage in rapid business transformation are critical.  These qualities will enable individual companies and the entire industry to thrive in an emerging, chaotic environment.  Given the state of the industry, what will it take to win from a leadership and strategy standpoint?

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