December 23, 2015 / Articles We Like

On "10 Questions To Help You Evaluate 2015"

For most of our clients, December mixes the rush of holiday plans with completing end-of-the-year deadlines, making it a challenging time for self-reflection. But the start of the new year is a perfect time to take a step back to consider what went well last year, and the changes you want to make this year. The demands of executive life require building resilience to sustain energy, stamina, health, and performance, and this article will help you hone in on key focus areas relevant to you.

Most of the questions in the Forbes article, 10 Questions To Help You Evaluate 2015, by Paula Davis-Laack, are linked to a specific resilience building block, making this a great framework to use for setting this year’s personal and professional goals. Check it out!

March 31, 2014 / Articles We Like

On: ‘Customer Experience’ is Today’s Business Benchmark

The latest business trend is a focus on the ‘customer experience’, and with good reason.  Evidence exists that companies with the highest customer experience typically grow at more than double the rate of their competitors. We share the Forbes article, ‘Customer Experience’ is Today’s Business Benchmark, by Martin Zwilling because it offers a clear definition of and tips for improving and measuring your company’s customer experience.  Measurement is key because without it, companies can focus on the wrong things which detract from growth.

Read it now.

How do you measure customer loyalty?

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October 31, 2013 / Articles We Like / HR / Talent Management

On: "7 Hottest Trends in HR Technology"

Because advances in HR technology have historically changed the way talent is managed, we suggest this article, by author Meghan Biro, CEO of TalentCulture Consulting Group, as she looks at technology trends to help HR make smart decisions.

In the article, 7 Hottest Trends in HR Technology, published in Forbes, Meghan predicts companies will become more selective about their technology investments, opting for those which are easy to implement, are user friendly and deliver targeted results. Read it now for more, including her trends in analytics, social media and mobile applications.

What trends are you seeing in HR technology? What are your predictions on how they will impact talent management processes?

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