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Leader as Designer

Learn how to utilize Design Thinking in your role as a leader.  This essay, Leader as Designer, by Mariposa Leadership CEO Sue Bethanis, opens up Design Thinking to different applications and audiences that goes beyond product development. She offers a clear 4 step process to easily move from idea-to-innovation. The results: successful services,  new experiences, and novel solutions to old problems.




August 9, 2012 / Design Thinking / Creativity / Innovation / Wise Talk

Q&A with Javy Galindo on the Power of Thinking Differently


Listen to these audio snippets of last month’s July 25th Wise Talk, where professional creativity speaker and thinker, Javy Galindo, answers when Mariposa Leadership’s CEO, Sue Bethanis, asks. Topics are on various aspects of creativity and specifically, creativity in business.

Listen here for Galindo’s elegant juxtaposition of the entrepreneur and the artist, and the ways in which each of them are creative, as well as why it is applicable to business, and life.

Listen here for discussion on relationship building and working in groups, and how this to connects to creativity in the workplace.

Click here to hear the whole discussion between Javy Galindo and Mariposa Leeadership’s CEO, Sue Bethanis.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container] MORE

July 18, 2012 / Design Thinking / Creativity / Innovation / News / Wise Talk

Wise Talk 7/25/12 with Javy Galindo

Hello Friends!

Please join creativity speaker and author Javy Galindo and Mariposa Founder and CEO Sue Bethanis on Wise Talk next Wednesday, July 25th, from 4-5 pm PT.  Listen in as Sue talks with Javy about the process of thinking differently and how to develop skills to bring your idea to reality.

Please RSVP asap to to reserve your spot. We are expecting a full house!


Allison Adams
Business Operations

July 4, 2012 / Book Reviews / Design Thinking / Creativity / Innovation

Book Review: The Power of Thinking Differently

The Power of Thinking Differently: An imaginative guide to creativity, change, and the discovery of new ideas
By: Javy Galindo

Head: (4 of 5)
Heart: (4 of 5)
Leadership Applicability: (4 of 5)

When imagining the typical work environment today, images of burned coffee, cubicles, and computers probably come to mind. In this landscape, logic and practicality rule, not because they are necessary, but because they are the only methods by which employees, employers and everyone in between see success being reached. In The Power of Thinking Differently: An Imaginative Guide to Creativity, Change, and the Discovery of New Ideas, Javy W. Galindo redefines this idea by saying that the separation we place between creative thinking and logical thinking is unnecessary.

At the core of this book is that we need to “re-wire our brain

[s] for creative insight.” By doing this, we lead ourselves and our corporations to growth & innovation. In The Power of Thinking Differently, Galindo urges readers to forget the traditional assumption that only writers, artists, and musicians can be “creators” and instead start to realize that they themselves can be creative. Galindo promises readers strategies for finding new ideas in a pinch, and how-to’s on cultivating creativity in groups as well as ways to become more insight prone. This book’s dynamic message and humorous tone will keep readers engaged and satisfied with the applicable take-away — rekindling our childhood imagination is good for business! Buy it.