July 31, 2018 / Articles We Like

On “In Collaborative Work Cultures, Women Carry More of the Weight”

Are women penalized for being team players? Recent research shows that in organizations with relationship heavy cultures, it is women who feel the burden disproportionately.

Renee Cullinan, author of the recent HBR article, In Collaborative Work Cultures, Women Carry More of the Weight says there are important differences in the way men and women view collaboration. According to Cullinan, “Women are less likely to carve out time during the workday to focus on their top priorities, because they feel guilty or selfish for doing so. […] If women do carve out time, they tend to give it away if someone needs them.”

What’s happening in your organization? If you find that the women are carrying a disproportionate share of the collaborative work, take a look at Renee’s tips for disrupting the gender imbalance.

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November 26, 2013 / Articles We Like

On: "A New Model for Innovation in Big Companies"

We share this article by Beth Altringer because research shows internal innovation models in global companies fail between 70%-90% of the time. Getting new ideas off the ground is challenging when those best suited for championing those ideas are strapped for time.  Outsourcing innovation, while costly, can bring in fresh ideas but large companies tend to bump up against availability of internal resources to see those ideas through.

In the Harvard Business Review article, “A New Model for Innovation in Big Companies,” the author explores a new form of organizational collaboration that uses entrepreneurs to stimulate and sustain innovation in large companies.

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