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Leader as Designer

Learn how to utilize Design Thinking in your role as a leader.  This essay, Leader as Designer, by Mariposa Leadership CEO Sue Bethanis, opens up Design Thinking to different applications and audiences that goes beyond product development. She offers a clear 4 step process to easily move from idea-to-innovation. The results: successful services,  new experiences, and novel solutions to old problems.




October 17, 2012 / Design Thinking / Creativity / Innovation / Wise Talk

Q&A with Saul Kaplan on Business Model Innovation

Listen to these audio snippets from our September teleconference, Wise Talk, where guest Saul Kaplan discusses some of the ideas behind his book, The Business Model Innovation Factory.

In this first snippet, Saul talks about how you must become the disruptor, or else you will be disrupted:

In this snippet, Saul explains that the key to an innovative business model is experimentation, willingness to fail, and to try more stuff:

Click here to access Mariposa Leadership’s Wise Talk archives, and click on “Business Model Innovation” for the full audio of this session.

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September 27, 2012 / Design Thinking / Creativity / Innovation / Wise Talk

September Wise Talk Recap with Sue

Click here for the full audio recording on Business Model Innovation with @SaulKaplan and @SueBethanis.

September 20, 2012 / Book Reviews / Design Thinking / Creativity / Innovation / Wise Talk

Book Review: The Business Model Innovation Factory

The Business Model Innovation Factory: How to Stay Relevant When the World is Changing by Saul Kaplan

Head: (4.5 of 5)
Heart: (4.5 of 5)
Leadership Applicability: (5 of 5)

To stay relevant in today’s changing and uncertain times, businesses require new tools and approaches. In Saul Kaplan’s book The Business Model Innovation Factory: How to Stay Relevant When the World is Changing, he provides leaders with the necessary skills to create a pipeline of new business models in the face of disruptive markets and competition. It makes the case for business model innovation as the new strategic imperative, shows how organizations can reinvent themselves by doing ongoing R&D for new business models, and provides an implementation road map for all business model innovators who want to go from tweaks to transformation.

Kaplan explains 15 business model innovation principles to keep your business strategy ahead of the game, including:

  • Realize that you are catalyzing something bigger than yourself
  • Build purposeful and flexible networks
  • Make systems-level thinking—and action—sexy
  • Be creative and engaged in designing the core models that drive businesses, institutions, industries, and cultures
  • Passion rules—exceed your own expectations and take risks with confidence
  • Be an inspiration accelerator and inspire many toward the end game: transformation

Business model innovation means trying something different, developing a wholly new way to “create, deliver, and capture” value. The simplicity and accessibility of this book makes it a useful resource on how you can design your own business model, learn how to “be a disrupter instead of getting disrupted,” and remain afloat while innovating your value proposition. Click to buy or read more.

Author Saul Kaplan is our featured guest on this month’s Wise Talk where he and Mariposa’s CEO Sue Bethanis will discuss business model innovation. Join us on Monday, September 24th at 2pm Pacific for our free monthly teleconference and have an opportunity to ask Saul and Sue questions on how to capture, design, innovate, and transform your business!