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The Value of Strategic Leadership

strategic leadership

Every year Mariposa Leadership aims to engage you in a new leadership theme. Last year it was Design Thinking and we feel very fortunate to have shared the wisdom and resources of several well known innovators via our free monthly teleconference Wise Talk. Our 2012 guests included Roger Martin, Bill Burnett, Teresa Amabile, Saul Kaplan, and Jeanne Liedtka, just to name a few…

In 2013, our Mariposa Leadership theme is Strategy, and we look forward to sharing Wise Talk discussions with you and some of the finest strategic leaders and authors in the business!

This month we focus on introducing you to yourself as a strategist. Whether you run a global enterprise or a small business, we wish to present to you the strategic tools to not only outwit your competitors but offer you, as a leader, the means to shape your organization decisively.

Combining the best of ideas about strategy and leadership and giving you the tools and confidence to step into the role, our January Wise Talk guest and author of The Strategist, Cynthia Montgomery, will not only help you reinvent yourself but also your business and the world around you.

In her July 2012 McKinsey Quarterly article, Montgomery explains how strategists lead. Central to her case is a simple observation: it is the strategist who must make the necessary choices that determine a company’s identity. It is the strategic leader who says, “This is our purpose, not that. This is who we will be. This is why our customers and clients will prefer a world with us rather than one without us.” She defines the strategist as meaning maker, as voice of reason, as operator, and expands on these giving examples of each, concluding that maintaining strategic momentum is a never ending task, however profoundly rewarding.

cynthia-montgomery-thumbWe are very excited to welcome Cynthia Montgomery on this month’s Wise Talk. Join her and Mariposa Leadership’s CEO Sue Bethanis on Thursday, January 24th from 1-2pm PT as they discuss how to be the strategist your company needs.

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June 29, 2012 / Articles We Like / HR / Talent Management / Stress / Work-Life Integration

Why Women Still Can't Have It All

Perhaps you have already seen The Atlantic article by Anne-Marie Slaughter that has touched a nerve across the country. My take: It’s a much bigger issue than women/moms trying to have it all. This is a work-life integration issue that affects everyone; men/fathers need to have flexible scheduling, too, and until it is okay for a dad to say to his co-worker or boss, “I can’t be at the 8am meeting because I am taking my kid to school,” then things really aren’t going to change that much for women or men.

What is your take?

Read the article here: Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

We welcome your thoughts in the comments section below.

– Sue Bethanis, CEO