Wai Poc, M.B.A.


Experience / Approach

Wai Poc, M.B.A., is the Principal of UnleashedLeaders and a Strategic Partner with Mariposa. Wai’s last in-house role was at Genentech for +10 years, including with Engineering, Research, Sales and Marketing, Product Development and BD. As an internal and external organizational consultant, Wai has been a trusted advisor before, during, and after reorganizations. Through strategy reviews and succession planning, Wai has partnered with VPs and their senior staff to assess, select, and develop leaders. For +7 years as an Executive Coach, Wai has focused on the latter. He loves helping his clients have greater impact by accelerating their leadership development. Born in Shanghai and raised in Miami, Wai celebrates his Chino-Latino heritage. Differences – in how people think, feel, and act – have long captivated his curiosity, resulting in a major in cultural anthropology at Stanford and travels to +60 countries. Differences – in what people do, prioritize, and focus – either get in the way of collaborative work or can be the source of innovation, smart strategy, and agile execution.

Wai’s clients are being challenged to risk smartly and grow fast, seeking his support on:

  • Strategic influence: building alliances to get big things done
  • Power and politics: not to be swept by undercurrents, instead rising above the fray
  • Executive presence: accessing confidence when the stakes are ever higher
  • Career moves: taking a step back, viewing a bigger picture, and iterating to launch
  • Sustainable success: for family and health by changing habits of well-being

Recent Clients

His most recent clients include MBAs, Directors, and VPs at organizations such as:

  • Google
  • Genentech
  • LinkedIn
  • Revance Therapeutics
  • Fed Reserve Bank
  • Mozilla
  • Intel
  • Nintendo
  • Oliver Wyman
  • Stanford’s Graduate School of Business
  • Stanford’s School of Law
  • Stanford’s Executive Education


Wai has an excellent grounding in both business and coaching:

  • B.A., Stanford University
  • M.B.A., Golden Gate University
  • Certifications: New Ventures West for Coaching and Columbia University for OD


People describe Wai as compassionate, incisive, and real. He cares for his family including a dog name Teddy Roosevelt and a cat name Geo, practices martial arts, and gets enraptured by nature. With MacArthur Fellow and renowned primate researcher Patricia Chapple Wright, Wai has a book-in-progress Unleashed:  A Field Guide to Power and Politics at Work.

Wai resides in San Francisco, coaching in person in the Bay Area and virtually globally.